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The Voice of Elijah® Newsletter
October 1991 Issue
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The Voice of Elijah® Newsletter
October 1991 Issue

The Demons Also Believe (Poor Devils!)
Most Christians believe the lie that what one
believes about God is not as important as the fact
that they believe there is a God. This article
takes an in-depth look at the characteristics of “faith”—
that is, belief—and explains why the content of one’s
beliefs means everything. It not only challenges the
“conventional wisdom” in the Church today by making a
clear distinction between “evidence” and “proof,”
it also ridicules those outside the Church who are
blissfully unaware that the apparent absence of God’s
presence cannot be used to “prove” His non-existence.

Gnostic Beliefs and Early Church Teaching
This is the third in a series of articles on The Mystery of Scripture.
This article examines the beliefs of the Gnostics, a
heretical pseudo-Christian group that coexisted with
the Apostolic Church. These heretics also accurately
understood what the leaders of the Early Church knew: The
Prophets deliberately hid the Truth of the Word of God
behind the parabolic imagery and Hebrew idioms they used.
Consequently, they knew the Hebrew Scriptures contained a
“mystery” that few in their day could understand.
Unfortunately, they were not part of that “few.”

Do You Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Most Christians claim to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
They don’t know it, but in so doing they are conceding
that the Gospel they believe must have specific content.
The question is: Does “the Gospel” being preached
in the Church today have the same content as the Gospel
that the Apostles preached solely on the basis of the
Hebrew Scriptures? The answer will be obvious to True

The Forecast
This column examines some of the passages where the
Prophets used weather imagery to parabolically describe
the Last Days, the appearance of the AntiChrist, and the
Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Questions & Answers
One of this “Questions and Answers” in this column deals
with the seven sealed messages the Prophets concealed
behind the parabolic imagery and Hebrew idioms they used.
Others examine what the Prophets say concerning the Last
Days, the appearance of the Antichrist, and the Second
Coming of Jesus Christ.

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