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The Voice of Elijah® Newsletter
January 1999 Issue
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The Voice of Elijah® Newsletter
January 1999 Issue

How Do You Tell the Difference
Between an Alcoholic And a Drunkard?

This article explains the reasoning behind “The
Forecast” column and why it migrated over to the
quarterly newsletter from The Update, which
is published eight times a year—in the off months.
It explains what the Prophets were talking about in
passages where they use the parabolic image of “rain”
to depict The Teaching of Moses. It also contains
a clear-cut warning to those who might be tempted to
“drink” the “wine” of the “harlot.”

The Forecast
The purpose of this column is to explain various
weather-related parabolic images that relate to the Last
Days and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This, the
debut edition, contains a general survey of how current
events reflect the effects of the “strong winds,”
“cloudy” skies, and “isolated showers” the Prophets
used to describe spiritual reality parabolically.

Questions & Answers
The first Answer in this column explains the nature
and purpose of angels. The second addresses the issue of
how the Archangel Michael will “guard” the Elect
at the End of the Age. A third Question explains how
Satan goes about ensuring that people do what he wants
them to do.

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