Nobody in Their Right Mind Would Even Want to Be Napoleon!

The Voice of Elijah®, October 1992

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Contrary to what the Pretenders would have you believe, God has not changed (James 1:17). Moreover, a God Who would demand a human sacrifice for sin does not strike me as a namby-pamby individual you can walk all over and still expect to come away unscathed.

God’s requirement is nothing less than perfect obedience. If you cannot meet that requirement on your own, it would seem logical that you should find Someone Who can help you. The oft-heard excuse, “After all, I’m only human!” is a cop-out, not a solution. Those who glibly use it are ignorant of the fact that:

It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
(Hebrews 10:31)

Everybody seems to assume they can treat God like a doormat, walking on Him continually and using Him only when they need to publicly clean off some of the more unacceptable dirt. It just ain’t that way, folks!

Until things began to change drastically around 1860, the historic Christian view of God was that of an angry, vengeful God who would not hesitate to consign the Wicked to an eternity in Hell. You don’t hear that view of Him preached much anymore. You hear mainly about the god of love, the one who completely understands that you just cannot stop sinning. It is a convenient delusion, one that was originally intended to make the God of wrath more acceptable to the refined elite. But it is still foundational to Satan’s final grand delusion.

Look at the situation of those who believe this lie. If God is angry with them because they have not truly repented and turned away from sin, yet they believe God has accepted them “warts and all,” does their state of mind accurately reflect their state of mind? Not by a long shot! Their perception of spiritual reality is as distorted as those who have been clinically diagnosed as paranoid because they have a distorted perception of physical reality.

Make no mistake. There are millions of Pretenders in the Church today. Every one of them is suffering the classic symptoms of delusional paranoia—a “spiritual paranoia.” And God fully intends to send even more serious delusional beliefs their way.

Having said that, I must now point out there is already in place a second, perhaps more dangerous, belief that Satan has spread throughout the Church only within the last century and a half. Prior to that time, it had no currency at all in Christian theology. It certainly was not a part of Early Church theology. That is the belief that the Jews will be restored to a position of prominence in God’s plan for the Final Days, the belief that “all Israel will be saved.” I have shown in Not All Israel Is Israel that the original basis for that belief is ill-founded.

“Nobody in Their Right Mind Would Even Want to Be Napoleon!” The Voice of Elijah®, October 1992, p. 9

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