Learn What Early Church Christians Knew in Our Six Free eBooks

Whether you are confused about the End of the Age or how to be born again, these six free to read ebooks, will answer your questions.

What You Will Find in Our Six Free eBooks

Our six free offer booklets provide absolutely incredible insight into Early Church beliefs that have long been lost and forgotten by the mainstream Church. If you have been looking for the Truth, not knowing where to turn, your search may well be over.

Learn what Early Church Christians knew about:

The Six Free eBooks

The AntiChrist

Larry Dee Harper

Wanna Hear a Whopper?

Larry Dee Harper

In the Image and Likeness of God

Larry Dee Harper

The Old Testament Gospel of Jesus Christ

Larry Dee Harper

The Passover Parable

Larry Dee Harper

7 Simple Steps to Salvation

Larry Dee Harper

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