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We are dedicated to educating born-again Believers who seek to know the One True God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—through a greater knowledge of the Scriptures, The Apostolic Teaching, and Early Christian beliefs concerning the End Times.

What We Do With Your Contributions

We acquire and distribute educational materials in order to provide True Believers insight into the true message of the Scriptures—the same things the Apostles understood—and thereby avoid the “deluding influence” the Apostle Paul said would ensnare all “who do not believe the Truth” in the Last Days—at the End of the Age.

Our ministry is funded by the tax-deductible contributions of those who feel they have benefited from the information we provide. Their generous contributions make it possible for us to distribute our Six Free eBooks worldwide to those seeking to avoid the coming delusion by believing the Truth.

  • So then the one who is lawless will be revealed.
  • (ii) The one whom His Majesty, Jesus,
    • (a) will put away by the spirit of His mouth and
    • (b) abrogate by the appearance of His coming;
  • (iii) the one whose arrival is in accordance with Satan’s energy: with all
    • (a) supernatural power and
    • (b) signs and
    • (c) wonders—lies—and with all
    • (d) the deceitfulness of injustice
      • (i) those who are going to be done away with
      • (ii) because they did not accept the love of the truth so that they could be saved.

(1) So for this reason the living God will send them a deceptive energy
(a) so that they believe the lie,
(b) so that all who did not believe the truth but were delighted with his injustice can be judged.

(2 Thessalonians 2:8–12) —HSSB

To Those Who Contribute

The ongoing financial support from our contributors enables us to distribute religious educational materials and offer free digital downloads online. Our purpose is to provide insight into the true message of the Scriptures to help True Believers avoid the delusion in these Last Days.

Concurrently, contributions also help fund the development of Harper’s Standardized Study Bible App which will provide all the material we distribute digitally worldwide, which includes Harper’s Standardized Study Bible translation of the New Testament. The Old Testament translation will be downloaded to the HSSB App upon its completion.

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