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Becoming a Monthly Contributor

The Monthly Contributor Program is a way for you to support the ministry of The Voice of Elijah® on a monthly basis. Your minimum contribution of $100 each month can make our mission your own by supporting our outreach efforts.

Become a Monthly Contributor

How Valuable is the Truth to You?

The Voice of Elijah® Update is only available to Monthly Contributors to Voice of Elijah, Inc. As with all of the publications we provide, The Update articles are foundational in providing the tools necessary to equip True Believers for “The Last Contest of the Righteous.” We firmly believe the Last Days are upon us and time is short. Your faithful contributions will help provide the funds for us to reach other Believers with the Truth, while there is still time.

Do You Really Believe?

Let me summarize the Truth of the matter this way: Works are not required for anyone to be born again; but a total lack of works—giving financially being but one of those works—is a very definite indicator that a person does not actually believe the promise they claim to believe.
Larry Dee Harper, “Questions & Answers,” The Voice of Elijah®, October 2012, p. 21

Monthly Contributor

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  • The Inheritance of the Believer, Volume 1, 6-hour video series

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What Digital Materials Will I Receive as a Monthly Contributor?

Monthly Contributors receive digital access to every issue of our quarterly newsletter, The Voice of Elijah®, as well as its sister publication, The Voice of Elijah® Update, which is distributed on a predetermined schedule. Upon becoming a Monthly Contributor, you will be given digital access to the first 37 back issues (1992–1996) of The Update. Each following month, once your monthly contribution is received, you will be given digital access to the next 4 years of The Update. This will continue until you have received all back issues. You will be granted access to each current issue of The Voice of Elijah® Update as it is published, as long as you remain current in your monthly contributions.

Along with the distribution of newsletters and Updates, you will also receive publications (books and recordings) by Larry Dee Harper. They will be made available to you digitally according to their original publishing date. For example, after your first monthly contribution is received and you are granted access to The Voice of Elijah® Update issues from 1992–1996, you will also receive digital access to Not All Israel is Israel, which was published in 1991. Harper’s Standardized Study Bible is not included in this distribution schedule. 

Three books by Larry Dee Harper side-by-side first one is Not All Israel is Israel, second one is The Advent of Christ and AntiChrist, and the last one is The Way, The Truth, The Life

Books by Larry Dee Harper will now be available to you in digital format.

The very first issue of The Voice of Elijah® Newsletter and the first issue of The Voice of Elijah® Update side-by-side.

The Voice of Elijah® quarterly newsletter and The Voice of Elijah® Update are yours ... digitally once you become a Monthly Contributor.

Benefits of Becoming a Monthly Contributor

The Monthly Contributor Program benefits are two-fold. Monthly Contributors receive access to 8 additional publications from The Voice of Elijah® annually, while also providing financial support to the outreach of Voice of Elijah, Inc. These additional 8 issues are titled The Voice of Elijah® Update, the sister publication to the quarterly newsletter The Voice of Elijah®. The content of The Updates provide a foundation to understanding The Apostolic Teaching. If you have an interest in what the Early Church taught as orthodox teaching, this is a great place to start.

The Voice of Elijah® Update

In the pages of The Voice of Elijah® Update over the years since May 2003, I have repeatedly covered and then revisited the things Irenæus wrote in this monumental second-century work [“Against Heresies”], simply because every True Believer needs to master a comprehensive understanding of the beliefs the leaders of the Church considered to be “orthodox” and the beliefs they considered to be “heresy.” Without that, True Believers will be at the mercy of every nonsensical belief that could possibly be conjured up in the minds of those who have no knowledge of the time when the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was still worshiped as the Living Word of God He is, was, and always will be.
Larry Dee Harper, “Things Can Sometimes Get Hot in a Hurry,” The Voice of Elijah® Update, June 2013, p. 1

Relevant Quotes from the Materials You Will Receive

What You Believe

The Protestant Reformers risked life and limb fighting for the simple Truth that salvation is by faith—that is, by belief, alone. They knew salvation is by faith; but that is not belief in the sense of that you believe, it is belief in the sense of what you believe.
Larry Dee Harper, “It Takes Two to ‘Tango,’” The Voice of Elijah®, July 2011, p. 17

Believers Will Prepare

Down here confusion reigns supreme. That’s why most people follow tradition. It provides a false sense of security. But those chosen few whom the Lord loves want more than that feeling of security. They want the Truth. The Elect will believe. And those who believe will prepare themselves. Those who don’t, won’t.
Larry Dee Harper, “Questions & Answers,” The Voice of Elijah®, April 1991, p. 18

Early Church Beliefs

Early Christians believed Christ was a certain set of beliefs that were revealed by Moses and the other Prophets of Israel in the Hebrew Scriptures. To be saved, one had to believe those things. But that mind-set was not just the mind-set of the Apostles, it was also the mind-set of Moses and every other Prophet of Israel.
Larry Dee Harper, “You Think God Always Speaks Literally? Don’t.” The Voice of Elijah® Update, May 2021, p. 17

Do You Believe the Truth?

The nasty little crux of the issue regarding salvation by faith (belief) relates to whether or not what you believe about God is true.
Larry Dee Harper, “Questions & Answers,” The Voice of Elijah®, July 1996, p. 26

Understanding the Truth

As the Early Church Father Irenæus knew all too well, God is going to put us all to the test one last time during the reign of the Antichrist. Irenæus called that “the last contest of the righteous.”
7 Simple Steps to Salvation, Larry Dee Harper, p. 21

The One Truth

I have understood for some time now that my calling is not only to explain what the Prophets have said but also to show how they intentionally sealed up the Truth through their use of Hebrew idioms and parabolic imagery. To achieve the first part of my calling, I can easily rely on evidence taken from the Early Church Fathers to show that what I teach is orthodox to the core. In accomplishing the second, however, I must try to explain as simply as possible what the Prophets have done so that their methods can be understood by anyone on the basis of logic and common sense alone.
Larry Dee Harper, “They Got God at a Fire Sale Price (and a Whole Lot More Than They Bargained For)—Part II,” The Voice of Elijah®, July 1999, p. 15

The Last Contest of the Righteous

Our time has been selected for yet another pitting of “The Light” of unadulterated Truth against the “darkness” of absolute ignorance. Scoffers will mock that statement, never considering for a moment that it might be true. True Believers take heed and prepare yourselves well now for that “contest.” Your faith (belief in the Truth) will be all that will sustain you.
The AntiChrist, Larry Dee Harper, p. 22, fn. 45

How Your Contributions Help Us Reach Other True Believers

Think about this for a minute: You were most likely made aware of the ministry of The Voice of Elijah® because of the tax-deductible contributions of our current Monthly Contributors. On a consistent basis, over 90% of the contributions we receive go to outreach. Therefore, you owe much to current Monthly Contributors for you being reached with the Truth. Your contributions will enable us to reach others in exactly that same way.

In addition, your minimum monthly contribution of $100 will help us continue to publish free digital materials to reach a worldwide audience. Your contribution will also enable us to distribute the desktop application (Harper’s Standardized Study Bible Application), which will eventually allow worldwide distribution of all of Larry Dee Harper’s writings as well as his translation of the Old and New Testaments.

Voice of Elijah, Inc. is a Texas nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and our tax filings are available to the public.  We invite you to see our allocation of contributions for yourself: Past IRS 990-PF tax filings are available for your review on our website and GuideStar (recently renamed Candid).

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We invite you to delve deeper into all of the materials we offer by visiting our Online Library. You can start reading here to familiarize yourself with the digital content already available.

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Questions & Answers

This page will introduce you to some rather “novel” concepts—novel to our day, perhaps, but not to earlier generations of Christians. Start reviewing Q&A now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I highlight the digital publications?

Yes, if you use Adobe Acrobat Pro you can highlight all of the publications.

Can I print the publications?

Yes, we have made all of our publications printable!

Why do I need to read The Voice of Elijah® Updates?

If you believe the Early Church Fathers had a firmer grasp of the one Truth of The Teaching of the Apostles than the multi-faceted versions of “the truth” preached today, you will find The Updates invaluable.

How can I help support the ministry of The Voice of Elijah®?

All one-time and monthly contributions help support the mission of The Voice of Elijah®: To prepare ALL True Believers for the appearance of the Antichrist. To accomplish that mission, it all starts with outreach!

Once I am a Monthly Contributor, how will I start receiving publications?

Upon receipt of your first monthly contribution, you will receive an email that provides all of the instructions required to set up your online account and gain access to the Monthly Contributor Portal. You will be notified by email when new content becomes available for download.

What happens to my account if I stop contributing?

Even if you discontinue contributing, you will still be able to log into your account to access the information that you have previously unlocked. If you decide to begin contributing again, your monthly access to publications will resume where you left off.

Is a Monthly Contribution to The Voice of Elijah® considered a tithe?

Nobody can survive on a monthly salary of $1000, so we feel that a minimum of $100 (10% tithe on $1000) is an amount that anyone who values the Truth will gladly give to the source of their spiritual “food.” As a 501(c)(3) Texas nonprofit, the government deems all contributions to Voice of Elijah, Inc. to be tax-deductible, just as they would be to a church or any other 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious organization.

Why isn’t the information in The Voice of Elijah® Update free?

Sad fact: It costs money to host a website and provide content on that site. The good news is: We provide over 150 publications on our website—no contribution required. We believe that if you find The Truth in those publications to be valuable, you will be more than willing to contribute $100 a month to have access to more of it.