Satan’s Fools Are Satan’s Tools

The Voice of Elijah®, April 1994

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The Church has seen its share of fools, imbeciles, and morons over the past two millennia. Yet during the past three centuries there has been a profound resurgence of the spectacle wherein fools teach imbeciles whose rubbish is repeated by a vast crowd of morons. And each new generation is just as firmly convinced as the last that they have, by their great erudition, somehow attained some worthwhile knowledge concerning the Truth of Scripture.

Satan, meanwhile, has been watching the proceedings with absolute glee. Like the father of fools that he is, he actually believes he is going to triumph by means of the confusion generated through the half-witted speculations of the best minds this world has had to offer. Amazingly, he has, until now, assumed God’s Church was rapidly approaching its ignominious end. On the face of it, one would have to agree with his assessment of the situation. The evidence in the Church would lead one to believe all that remains to be done is to read the eulogy and lower the casket.

Anybody with a shred of common sense can see that the Church today, in all its various and sundry forms, is nothing more than a farce. It has become, under the stewardship of Satan’s agents, a mocking caricature of the Church established by the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

How did we get into such a mess? Contrary to what one might assume, it was easy. All we had to do was, like mindless morons, repeat the folly of fools and imbeciles who explained things about which they knew next to nothing. As the ongoing accretion of various oral traditions put forward by fools, the Church today is, for the most part, the visible product of our great confidence in our ability as rational beings. Unfortunately, that confidence is seriously misplaced.

God did not create us to find the Truth on our own. He created us to learn the Truth from Him. If that were not the case, the revelation He provided in the Scriptures would not even be necessary.

“Satan’s Fools Are Satan’s Tools,” The Voice of Elijah®, April 1994, p. 1

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Author Larry Dee Harper
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