Pigs Were Never Meant to Wear Three-Piece Suits

The Voice of Elijah®, October 2006

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It is extremely important that you understand that distinction, because Paul also says this:

But in accordance with your stubborn and unrepentant heart, you are saving up anger for yourself in the day of anger and revelation of the just judgment of the {Living} God, Who will give to each one according to his works: to those who—in accordance with patience of good work—are seeking glory and honor and immortality, eternal life; but to those who are contentious and are not persuaded by the Truth, but have been persuaded by “the injustice,” anger, and wrath.
(Romans 2:5–8) —my interim translation

Don’t let the details concerning your upcoming appearance before the Bench of the Almighty God confuse you. God has already determined that we are all guilty of “the sin.” That’s why we are currently “in prison,” awaiting the sentencing phase of our “trial.” But we will not be “sentenced” until we actually appear before God on Judgment Day. So there is still time to change the circumstances in which we find ourselves. On that Great Day, however, everyone who is found guilty of “the sin” of disbelief will be sentenced according to “the transgressions” he committed in the flesh. Why? Because we all act in accordance with what we believe. And just as a human judge determines the severity of the sentence based on the severity of the crime, so also God will “recompense” everyone in accordance with the nature of “the transgression.” Got it? “The sin” of disbelief is what makes one guilty; the depth of “the transgression” determines the severity of his sentence.

Only those who believe the Truth of The Teaching will be declared not guilty on Judgment Day. That is a succinct statement of the Protestant doctrine that is commonly called “salvation by faith”—except for the fact that the “faith” that the Living Word of God demands is not the nebulous nonsensical “faith” in the sense of that you believe, but “faith” in the sense of what you believe. After all, it is impossible to believe nothing at all about God. Therefore, everyone believes something in that regard. But only those who believe the Truth of the Living Word of God that God has revealed concerning Himself in the Scriptures will be declared “not guilty” on that Great Day. And His declaration of “not guilty” will not be based on doing; it will be based on being, because we are what we believe.

“Pigs Were Never Meant to Wear Three-Piece Suits,” The Voice of Elijah®, October 2006, p. 11

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