A Simple Definition: Inheritance Means Somebody Died

The Voice of Elijah®, July 2007

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The author’s point in that passage, in case you missed it, is to explain the parabolic imagery in The Apostolic Teaching that explains how the shed blood of the parabolic “sacrifice” of Jesus Christ has prepared the True Believer for ministry as a “priest” in God’s “tabernacle.” That is why he refers to True Believers as “those who serve,” “those who approach,” and “those who are being made holy.” Of course, if one does not know what parabolic “tabernacle” the True Believer is expected to “minister” in as a “priest,” then I suppose one would have no idea what the author of that text has said, would he? The Truth is, the literal Tabernacle that Moses erected in the wilderness was just a parabolic image of the physical body of Jesus Christ. Since His physical body was no different than anyone else’s, the Tabernacle is also a parabolic image of the physical body of the True Believer. That is why John says this:

And the Word became flesh, and He took up residence in us, and we “saw” His Glory—a Glory like an only begotten by a father, full of goodwill and Truth.
(John 1:14) —my interim translation

The sentence I translated “He took up residence in us” could just as easily be translated “He camped out in us.” The reason for that is, the Greek verb that John used is one that indicates a person is temporarily “camping out” in a tent. On the basis of the parabolic imagery I have just explained, you should be able to understand the fact that the “first tent” mentioned in the passage above from Hebrews 9–10 refers to the physical body of Jesus Christ prior to His death, while “the greater and more complete tent not made by hands” is referring to His physical/spiritual resurrected Body.

My point in telling you all this is not to explain what the author of the Book of Hebrews has said about those things; it is instead to inform you that the priesthood of the True Believer is concerned with the parabolic “rituals” he is supposed to “conduct” in his own “tent.” His responsibility in that regard has nothing at all to do with the parabolic rituals that others may or may not be conducting in their own “tent.” As a priest, his only responsibility lies in the daily conduct of his own worship of God. I have no doubt that bit of Truth is something Pretenders will never be able to accept, since their major concern is judging what others say and do rather than minding their own “business.” (See “Pigs Were Never Meant to Wear Three-Piece Suits,” The Voice of Elijah®, October 2006.)

“A Simple Definition: Inheritance Means Somebody Died,” The Voice of Elijah®, July 2007, pp. 15–16

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