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Restoring the hearts of the fathers to the children

Who We Are

The Voice of Elijah® is an outreach ministry of Voice of Elijah, Inc.—a nonprofit Christian organization founded in 1988 for the purpose of making the biblical research of The Elijah Project available to Christians who seek greater insight into the meaning and significance of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures that comprise the Christian Bible.

About End Times

These are not normal times. These are the End Times. Our generation has been selected to witness the final, awesome battle between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness. We have been chosen to witness the ultimate triumph of good over evil. “Those who have insight” will understand and appreciate the significance of the events that lead up to that great Day of the Lord. They will know, almost to the exact day, when the Prince of Darkness enters this realm to make his final stand against the Almighty God. They will also be waiting a few short years later when the Lord of Glory returns for His Own.


Q & A

The questions and answers on this page are intended to give the reader insight into the biblical theology that stands behind our organization’s beliefs (for example: What is a parabolic image? Do parables reveal or conceal the Truth? What was The Teaching of Moses?). More detailed explanations are available in the “Related Information” links that follow each answer.

The Reading Room

Those of you who are interested in reading our publications online, The Reading Room provides PDFs for just that purpose. If you feel inclined to financially support this ministry, a link to make a contribution to The Voice of Elijah® is provided on this page. This page also provides an explanation of the levels of instruction provided to subscribers and Monthly Contributors to The Voice of Elijah®.

The Stacks

Descriptions of publications (books, booklets, and recordings) available through this ministry are provided on this page. Also listed are brief synopses of articles/columns published in each issue of The Voice of Elijah® from 1990 to the current issue. For your convenience, links are provided so that you may easily read or acquire each publication. Information about the author Larry D. Harper is also posted.