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Browse through our list of videos of past seminars, narrated books, and AI narrated issues of The Voice of Elijah® newsletter. The videos below cover a wide range of topics, such as the Gospel message, the End of the Age, how to overcome Satan, and so much more.


The Elijah Project Seminar Series

2021 Seminar: House of Israel, Temple of God

“House of Israel, Temple of God” reveals the Truth about God's plan and how to read and understand the Bible. It also discusses that the Early Church Fathers Irenæus and Hippolytus emphasize the importance of believing The Teaching handed down by the Apostles—and the Reformation leaders like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli agree. Larry Dee Harper says to keep an open mind and not ignore the Truth you hear today. If you dismiss it, you are in danger of calling God a liar.

2019 Seminar: The Biblical Message—A Summary: Understanding the Bible

"The Biblical Message—A Summary" video series provides a summary of the biblical message of Scripture. This video series touches on high points concerning meaning and significance, Malachi’s prophecy regarding Elijah, Nathan’s prophecy to David in 2 Samuel 7, the Creation Account, and so much more. In addition, this video series warns that Zephaniah’s prophecy concerning the End of the Age is yet to be fulfilled. Three major ideologies are going to be dominant during the End of the Age. The question is, What are you going to decide to believe?

Learn What Early Church Christians Knew in Our Six Essential Playlists

The Old Testament Gospel of Jesus Christ: How to Be Born Again

"The Old Testament Gospel of Jesus Christ" video series explains the content one must believe in order to become a born-again believer. Additionally, this video series exposes several popular “Christian” beliefs to be nothing more than Satan’s lies. After completing this video series, you will understand the truth you need to believe in order to be born again and which popular beliefs are lies.

7 Simple Steps to Salvation: How Can You Be Saved?

"7 Simple Steps to Salvation" video series gives an in-depth, step-by-step explanation of the Gospel message of salvation. After completing this video series, you will understand the things God requires you to believe in order to become a born-again believer. This video series was originally a booklet, "7 Simple Steps to Salvation." The booklet content was originally published in the article entitled, “What’s Left of the Right That Stayed Down When He Went Up?” The Voice of Elijah® Update, September 1995.

The AntiChrist: What Irenæus and Hippolytus Knew About End Times

'The AntiChrist' video series explains what the two Early Church leaders—Irenæus and Hippolytus, who were second-and-third-generation disciples of the Apostle John—knew about the Antichrist. This video series contains excerpts from the book "The Advent of Christ and AntiChrist" by Larry D. Harper. After completing this video series, you will understand what Irenæus and Hippolytus warned believers at the End to look out for in the person of the Antichrist.

Wanna Hear a Whopper?: How Dispensationalism Is Satan’s Biggest Lie

"Wanna Hear a Whopper?" video series gives a penetrating examination of the origin and distribution of the single most important lie that Satan has ever foisted off on the Church—Dispensationalism. In addition to exposing Satan’s biggest lie, the last video of the series includes a timeline depicting events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. After completing this video series, you will understand why Satan has feverishly been promoting dispensationalism in these Last Days. This video series was originally from “Wanna Hear the Whopper the Liar Came Up With? (I Doubt You’ll Believe It!)” The Voice of Elijah® newsletter, October 1996.

In the Image and Likeness of God: Why the Creation Account Has No Contradictions

"In the Image and Likeness of God" video series explains why, contrary to popular beliefs, there is no contradiction between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Additionally, this explanation of the Creation Account completely agrees with the things the Early Church Father Irenæus wrote in his monumental second-century work, “Against Heresies.” After completing this video series, you will understand the reason why there is absolutely no contradiction in the Creation account. This video series was originally published in the article titled “Transformed Into the Image and Likeness of God,” The Voice of Elijah® newsletter, April 2003.

The Passover Parable: God’s Greatest Parabolic Pantomime

The Passover Parable video series explains the significance of the Exodus of the Israelites and how that biblical story parabolically relates to God’s Firstborn Son, Jesus Christ. After watching this entire video series, you will understand one of the most incredible parabolic pantomimes God has ever orchestrated.

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  • the apparent contradictions in the Creation Account
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  • what Irenæus and Hippolytus wrote concerning the Antichrist
  • the parabolic pantomime the sons of Israel enacted during the Exodus from Egypt

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