How to Acquire

Hard copies of all the religious publications listed on The Stacks—the works published in The Voice of Elijah® Christian newsletter or by The Elijah Project, as well as the Christian works written and published by others—can be acquired by:

The Library

Since 1990, Voice of Elijah, Inc. has published a quarterly Christian newsletter titled The Voice of Elijah® and distributed other materials made available to us by Larry D. Harper of The Elijah Project, which is a private biblical research endeavor. These materials have, since 1990, provided startling insight to born-again Believers who know there is a whole lot more to True Christianity than emotionalism, trite clichés, and the “easy believism” “faith” that is so prevalent in the Church today.

Selected articles from The Voice of Elijah® newsletter are available for reading in The Reading Room page of this Online Library. The Stacks provides links to those same articles along with an annotated list of all of the materials available for online acquisition through our Online Catalogue.

Before reading any of the materials accessible through The Reading Room or The Stacks, you would be best served by reading the Questions & Answers page, along with the articles linked there. That page of this Online Library provides a fairly concise explanation of the hermeneutical underpinnings of the “politically incorrect” materials we provide.

The materials in this Library are made possible by the tax-deductible contributions of those who have already benefited from our ministry.