Prophet Predicts Death of Hussein

The Voice of Elijah®, October 1990

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Until the time arrives for the full vengeance of God to fall on “historical Israel,” the individual or nation who presumptuously treads on that holy ground will feel the heated rage of God’s wrath—not delayed, but instantaneous.

God has always used “historical Israel” as a parabolic image to teach the Truth concerning Jesus Christ, the True Israel, Whom it parabolically represents. But now, as the world moves into the Final Days, the parabolic images of Scripture have become even more complex and intertwined than they were at the apex of history—Crucifixion Day.

On that day, Jesus Christ, the True Israel, as “historical Israel” had centuries before, made His Exodus on Passover into that dark night, facing first the curse, then the blessing of God. (See forthcoming articles on the parables and prophecy of the Scriptures.)

Likewise “historical Israel” finds itself now facing these same two extremes of God—His blessing and His curse. (See book Not All Israel Is Israel.) But blessed or cursed, the judgment of “historical Israel” has been reserved for God alone.

Because Saddam Hussein has failed to take into account God’s plan for the End of the Age, the hand of God is now outstretched against him. In his ignorance, he has provided the world a chance to observe the fury of God’s wrath up close and in detail.

Never before in history has such an opportunity presented itself—all because Saddam Hussein made a fatal miscalculation. His mistake? He has threatened military action against the nation of Israel and, in the foreknowledge of God, will carry out those threats.

It would have been better for Saddam Hussein to have launched an attack against the major superpowers than to have issued and carried out threats against “historical Israel.”

Just as David considered Saul—who was the messiah (the “anointed one”) of Israel at that time—to be beyond the judgment of ordinary men even after the Spirit of God had been withdrawn from him (1 Sam. 26:23; 2 Sam. 1:11–16), so, too, is “historical Israel” today.

“Historical Israel” has forever lost the blessing of God. (See Not All Israel Is Israel.) Yet once holy to God, always holy to God. None had best touch the nation of Israel.

The wrath of God is perched high above the people of this singular nation, who, though descended from the fathers to whom the promise of God was given, to this day have not found the repentance necessary to avert the clutches of this awesome bird of prey.

But it is not for men to determine the judgment of “historical Israel.” It is coming and will soon arrive, just as the day of divine wrath has now befallen the hapless leaders of Iraq.

“Prophet Predicts Death of Hussein,” The Voice of Elijah®, October 1990, p. 12

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