Is Iraq Mystery Babylon?

The Voice of Elijah®, January 1991

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Let me read you a quote made by a prominent scholar and proponent of biblical theology. Nearly twenty years ago, Gerhard Hasel wrote the following concerning biblical theology:

If there is behind the experience of those who left us the OT Scriptures a unique divine reality, then it would seem that behind all variegation and diversity of theological reflection there is a hidden inner unity which has also drawn together the OT writings. The ultimate object of a theology is then to draw the hidden inner unity out of its concealment as much as possible and to make it transparent.
(Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate, Grand Rapids, 1972, p. 93)

That is exactly what I am doing. There is “a hidden inner unity” that binds the Old Testament Scriptures together. In God’s wisdom, the Prophets hid it there over the span of thirty-nine books and a thousand years. In God’s wisdom, Jesus Christ revealed it to the Early Church through the Apostles. But the Church fell into theological argumentation and failed to pass its heritage on to subsequent generations. Eventually, even the most basic tenet of salvation by faith was lost to Church leaders—for nearly a thousand years.

Until now, all that remained of the message available to the Early Church has been the basic Gospel message of salvation preached by Evangelists. But in His wisdom and grace, God has once again chosen to make the hidden message of the Old Testament known now—at the End of the Age. I have been called so that True Believers who hear and understand the Truth will believe even more firmly in the God of their salvation and prepare themselves for the delusion of the Antichrist.

“Is Iraq Mystery Babylon?” The Voice of Elijah®, January 1991, p. 13

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