Did You Mean That Literally?

The Voice of Elijah®, January 1993

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The main reason Satan has insisted on a literal interpretation of the Old Testament is because he wants Christians to read the prophecies of the Old Testament and automatically understand every mention of “Israel” as “the Jews.” That’s crucial to what he has long been planning concerning the rebuilding of the Temple and the focusing of the worship of God on himself. [Editor: See The AntiChrist or The Advent of Christ and AntiChrist.]

Now consider this: I’ve already shown in Not All Israel Is Israel that, according to what the Apostle Paul understood, the Jews have been “cut off from” Israel and that only Jesus Christ remains as the sole remaining Member “in Israel.” Therefore, Jesus Christ is the only “Israel” that exists today. I showed that using nothing but an explanation of the idiom “cut off from” Israel and the literal meaning of the biblical text—with not much, if any, fancy exegesis. So Satan has already lost the one thing he has been fighting most desperately to conceal from True Believers: The Jews who have lived since Jesus Christ was crucified are not the Corporate Israel mentioned by the Prophets! Jesus Christ Himself is that “Israel” because all other Jews have been “cut off from” Corporate Israel. Consequently, they stand outside of Corporate Israel, on equal footing with unregenerate Gentiles, as far as God is concerned.

Satan is in for some even more incredible losses in the days, months, and years to come. For example, it can also be shown without any special exegetical technique that, even according to the foolishness of literal interpretation, the Old Testament contains specific, detailed information concerning the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel who would, in Himself, become “all Israel.” And most of that information isn’t even in the Prophets! It’s in the historical books! And everyone knows history books should be understood as having literal meaning. That information should, more than anything else, convince anyone who is honestly seeking to know the Truth that what I teach is true

All this “exegetical” rigamarole that has long been advocated by the best and brightest of Christian theologians is mostly hocus-pocus anyway. You don’t have to be any great exegete to understand the morning newspaper, so why should you have to do exegetical cartwheels in order to understand the Hebrew Scriptures? The only reason theologians have found it necessary to argue over which special exegetical technique should be used to interpret the Scriptures is because the Church lost its understanding of The Apostolic Teaching.

“Did You Mean That Literally?” The Voice of Elijah®, January 1993, p. 16

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