Protestants All Agree on This: Somebody Laid an Egg!

The Voice of Elijah®, January 1994

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The Protestant Church has been splitting up into splinter groups for nearly five hundred years now because the Protestant Restoration has never ended. That’s because some zealous new visionary has always come along trying to wake everybody up to the fact that the Church is not yet what God intended His Church to be. And the established Protestant churches have always had the same negative reaction to those new zealots as the Catholic Church had to Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli: “Out! Out! And good riddance! Just don’t take anyone with you.” So the zeal for a Protestant Restoration has continued all this time, long after the Protestant Reformation ended. And controversy has continued in its wake.

Did I mention zealous new visionaries trying to wake everybody up to the fact that something more needed to be restored to the Church? That’s me. God called me to do it. To restore what the Church lost, I mean. I’m not going to start any new church group, so it doesn’t matter much to me whether you wake up or not. I don’t stand to gain anything. But I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. God knows I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to. Maybe you didn’t know it, but God does not take much lip from those He calls. So I’ll be around awhile, doing what needs to be done. You may disagree with what I’m doing. If so, take the matter up with God. I’m not much interested in what anyone thinks, one way or the other.

Lest you think I’m some wild-eyed gnat in a hurricane, however, I thought I’d pass along a bit of historical information you might not have heard before. It occurred to me you ought to know that Protestants who try to discredit my restoration efforts are rejecting their own Protestant heritage—be it Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Christian, Pentecostal, etc.

I don’t mind Protestant folks disagreeing with what I teach. That’s their God-given prerogative. It’s the rejection of what I’m trying to do that doesn’t ring true. After all, restoration of long-lost Truth is a time-honored Protestant tradition. Maybe they don’t know that. But I do, and being the orthodox Protestant that I am, I wouldn’t want to break with that tradition now, would I?

“Protestants All Agree on This: Somebody Laid an Egg!” The Voice of Elijah®, January 1994, p. 4

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