I’ Tell You What: Odds Are, You’ll Never Beat God at His Shell Game

The Voice of Elijah®, October 1998

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By the way, I have been doing my dead-level best for several years now to draw out the contention of fools and provoke them into rejecting what I teach. If I am ever successful in your case, you will stop reading what I write. And the reason for that will be because you have not understood and believed the Truth so as to overlook my intentionally contentious statements.

If you check the context in which the above passage occurs, you will find that before Paul talks about the world as a woman parabolically giving birth to the Children of God, he begins by talking about Believers’ adoption as sons of God. So let me ask a quick question or two of any fool who wants to blindly argue that Paul is not speaking parabolically when he talks about Believers as the Children of God. How can Believers be both born and adopted as Children of God? And how about this one: Don’t the Scriptures tell us Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God? Sure they do! So if He is a lamb, how can He also be the Firstborn Son of God? Unless I am mistaken, Mr. Deep-thinker, a lamb is not a member of God’s race. Well, neither is a human being, Mr. Shallow-mind. Now think about how that relates to the issue of the adoption and birth of God’s Children. But don’t strain yourself unduly.

While Believers’ parabolic adoption as the Children of God might seem to contradict the notion of the world as a woman who parabolically gives birth to the Children of God, both are nothing more than parabolic images. And if you desire to understand the Truth, you must resign yourself to the fact that the parabolic imagery of The Teaching often seems to contradict itself.

“I’ Tell You What: Odds Are, You’ll Never Beat God at His Shell Game,” The Voice of Elijah®, October 1998, p. 4

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