Oh! How the Mighty Has Fallen

The Voice of Elijah®, April 2004

Excerpt From Newsletter

The Church has finally lost its way completely. That should be old news to anyone who has studied Church history. The Early Church Father Hippolytus was the first to make that claim—less than two centuries after the death of Christ. Then, at the time of the Protestant Reformation, men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Huldreich Zwingli at long last made the allegation stick. But by that time, the evidence was overwhelming and incontrovertible. The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church were offering salvation to anyone who paid the price they set. So only a moron would deny the Church must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. The same assessment applies to the Church today. Yet the overwhelming majority in the Church will vehemently deny that anything is amiss.

The Protestant Reformers started the Church on a four-century search for the Truth they insisted Church leaders had lost. They even established the boundaries within which the search should be conducted—the Scriptures. Consequently, in nearly every generation since that time, there has been a clearly defined segment of the Church whose stated objective has been to recover—by searching the Scriptures—the Truth the Church had quite obviously lost. But inevitably, as each new group became convinced they had found what had been lost, they were forced out on their own. Eventually, that group would spawn another group who realized the Truth had not yet been recovered.

A few generations ago, the search for lost Truth finally ended. When the Pentecostals “found” the “baptism of the Holy Spirit,” they were all convinced they had finally recovered the Truth. Since then, “Full Gospel” churches have abounded and nobody has felt any need to look for more lost Truth.

So here we are today. The evangelical wing of the Church has finally embraced the lying liberal doctrines that their evangelical predecessors vehemently rejected just a century ago. Most of the Evangelists called to preach the Gospel to this generation have exchanged their calling for a television “ministry” or a church pastorate to which they were never called. The “apostasy” of the Church is finally complete, and nobody is even vaguely aware that Satan has the Church exactly where he wants it. Under those circumstances, every True Believer should be asking himself what God is doing. The answer? He is preparing for Judgment Day.

In His wrath, God did not call me to evangelize the lost. Neither did He call me to organize the saved. He merely called me to recover and publish the Truth the Church lost. When I have accomplished my calling, the evidence He has against this generation of the Church will be both obvious and compelling to anyone seeking to know the Truth.

“The Forecast,” The Voice of Elijah®, April 2004, p. 13

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