A Brief Testimony to Blue Water Lilies

The Voice of Elijah®, April 2008

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In Egypt, the blue water lily—which is precisely the type of water lily the Egyptian loanword used in this verse refers to—had a religious significance that went far beyond our own superficial appreciation of the “lotus” blossom it bears. That was the case not only because the blue water lily grows in water, but also because it closes up at night and sinks below the surface of the water, only to rise up out of the water at sunrise and blossom again.

In the ancient Egyptian religion, the blue water lily symbolically represented both the sun-god—who they believed died at sunset and came back to life at sunrise—and Osiris, who was the resurrected son of god who arose with the sun-god in his boat every morning and went with him into the realm of the dead every night. The blue water lily was also believed to be the first lifeform that “sprouted” out of the waters of chaos when this Creation came into being. Then, from the “blossom” of the water lily, the sun-god arose, along with Osiris and all the other children of god.

What the Egyptians believed may, at first glance, seem to be nothing more than just another ridiculous myth. The Truth is, it is no more ridiculous than many of the beliefs in the Church today. That is so simply because the ancient Egyptians, like the Church today, held a completely distorted understanding of The Teaching that mankind had long since distorted.

To understand the significance of the Egyptians’ corrupt version of The Teaching, one needs to keep in mind the fact that, contrary to what the Church today believes, God is still in the process of “building a house” for Himself in this Creation. That is, not all of the Children of God have been created in the image and likeness of God. (See In the Image and Likeness of God.) To put it in terms the ancients would understand, the parabolic “Sun” has not yet parabolically “arisen” on the seventh parabolic “day” of Creation as Malachi says it will, and the Children of God have not yet risen up out of the parabolic “Sea of El” (Sheol) where they are now being held captive. (Get the parabolic imagery?)

Hosea knew Egyptian mythology was a corrupt version of the parabolic imagery in The Teaching of Moses. He also knew Egyptian beliefs concerning the blue water lily were a distortion of the parabolic imagery that has always been an integral part of The Teaching. So he used those ridiculous mythological beliefs to speak in terms of parabolic imagery that mocked those in his day who actually believed that nonsense. But he was also cryptically using the parabolic imagery to describe what the Resurrection of Jesus Christ would be like. However, that is not the end of his ridicule of ancient mythological beliefs.

“A Brief Testimony to Blue Water Lilies,” The Voice of Elijah®, April 2008, p. 11

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