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For your convenience, many of the materials described in The Stacks page of this Online Library are also listed below with a link to their respective PDF files. If you have difficulty opening the files, it may be that you need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader necessary to read these files is available here:


If you are having difficulties viewing the PDFs on Chrome, follow these steps to view the PDFs from your desktop or mobile device:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the Chrome browser
  2. Click on Settings on the drop down menu
  3. Scroll down and click on Advanced
  4. Click on Content Settings under privacy and security
  5. Scroll down and click on PDF documents
  6. Click on "Download PDF files instead of automatically opening in Chrome" to enable this option

After this option is enabled, you will be able to download the PDF you select and view it from any device.

Before reading any of the materials we have made available here, you would do well to read the Questions & Answers page, along with the articles linked there. That page of our Online Library provides a fairly concise explanation of the hermeneutical underpinnings of the “politically incorrect” materials we provide.

In addition to the reading materials we have made publicly available on this page, this site also has an Online Catalogue that our current contributors use to acquire hard copies of other materials we have published since 1990. Please don’t take this “commercial” part of our site as an indication that we are trying to “sell” you anything. We aren’t. The information contained in the articles you find posted on this page is more than enough for you to determine whether you find any value in our ministry. If you don’t, we certainly do not expect you to contribute. But if you do, we would sincerely appreciate your contribution to our mission of preparing True Believers for the appearance of the Antichrist.

Although the information we provide is in complete agreement with the orthodox beliefs of the Early Church and the Founders of the Protestant Reformation, we realize those beliefs are no longer acceptable to most who call themselves “Christian” today. Consequently, we do not seek to convince anyone that the beliefs held by True Believers in an earlier era are just as true now as they were then. All we do is provide information for the consideration of those who are still seeking.

Our ministry is funded by the tax-deductible contributions of those who feel they have benefited from the information we provide. Their generous contributions make it possible for us to distribute a hard copy of several booklets to anyone and everyone who requests them. That is their ministry to those who are still seeking what they have not found in the organized Church, and they ask nothing in return. But you will know—after reading the materials you find posted on this page—whether or not you wish to join them in their quest to find those who are still seeking. You can do that here:



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